• Alice PDx portable sleep diagnostic system
    pdxSpecification –
    The Alice PDx portable diagnostic recording device is intended for Obstructive Sleep Apnea screening, follow-up and diagnostic assessment of cardio-respiratory sleep disorders.The flexible and portable sleep testing system incorporates advanced features required to meet today’s industry needs. It’s compact size is perfect for home sleep testing needs while providing capabilities of basic screening to advanced diagnostic evaluation. The system satisfies the portable testing requirements for levels II, III and IV. The Alice PDx enables patients to be tested outside of the lab – and in the comfort of their own home – without compromising study results, and helps clinicians avoid the costs associated with retesting.
  • Features and benefits:
    • Good Study Indicator – The Good Study Indicator is predicated on airflow and oximeter signal quality. It displays the amount of “good quality data” needed for a study to be complete and valid. The indicator measures patient airflow, gathered by the nasal cannula and/or the oral thermistor, airflow from therapy devices, and pulse oximetry, gathered by the SpO2 sensor. Without either of these signals, the sleep study would be declared diagnostically invalid because of insufficient data.The GSI visually displays the amount of good quality data in 25-percent increments on the Alice PDx display screen. As a result, a patient using the Alice PDx can easily communicate this information to the healthcare provider who can then determine if the patient needs to repeat the study. The provider can then educate the patient remotely on how to better apply the sensors, and have the patient repeat the study. The provider is spared the frustration of receiving insufficient study data and the inconvenience and effort involved in scheduling patients for a repeat study.
    • Color-Coded Labels – located around the perimeter of the device, indicate where to connect the various sensor leads. The display shows the patient only the sensors that need to be connected. The sensor information and indicators help patients place the sensors correctly and reduce the need for retesting due to application errors.
    • Sensor Application Reference Guide – a helpful, color-coded, step-by-step diagram is included with the device to walk patients through the appropriate application process.
    • Optional ECG and ExG Yokes – The Alice PDx device supports a single lead, six-lead, or seven-lead ECG. The optional ECG yoke provides a three-lead ECG (five wires). This provides seven total measured and derived ECG channels which provide data to help assess OSA in patients who may have cardiac comorbidities.The optional ExG yoke provides thirteen inputs to provide four EEG/EOG channels and three EMG channels, including ground and references. This enables level-two application for advanced sleep analysis.
    • Multi-Night Recording Capability – With the SD card memory and two-to-three night battery life, the Alice PDx can collect information from multi-night recordings when needed. The Alice PDx can be set to start and stop recording automatically to minimize the risk of the patient forgetting to do it.
    • Single Software Application – The Alice PDx can be connected directly to a computer running the proven Sleepware software application. Sleepware can display live or pre-recorded data in a resolution consistent with the computer hardware specifications. Sleepware provides a single software application for lab and portable testing.
  • Consultation in Speciality Sleep Apnoea clinic including interactive discussion and initial assessment (BMI calculation clinical staging & airway evaluation)
  • Nasal Endoscopy and
  • CT-Scan  – to assess fixed structural blockades
  • Polysomnography  (Night time Sleep Study) – including
    • Level  I – all channel lab-based PSG.
    • Level II – Simple , cost-effictive, reliable home based PSG.


  • DISE (Drug Induced Sleep Endoscopy)
    • A day-care procedure to assess the level and nature of obstruction.
  • Construction and Counselling session (along with Sleep Endoscosnorepy Video) regarding the planning of management and decision making.
  • Multilevel Sleep Surgery (for  surgical candidates) including –
    • Nose – job
    • COBLATION®[ARTHROCARE] based Palatal procedures eg – Uvulopalatoplasty, Zeta palatoplasty, Palatal channeling.
    • Salpingopharyngeal fold channeling
    • Tongue base procedures
    • Epiglottis procedures
  • Pediatric Sleep Apnoea Clinic including –
    • Consultation
    • Medical management
  • CPAP Trial & Fitting (for Nonsurgical candidates)

Sleep Study

Sleep Study of A. L.

Sleep Study of S. C.

Sleep Study of L. J.

Drug Induced Sleep Endoscopy Videoes

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