Patient 1

You are glad to know that your patient Subhodwip Das,student of class nine aged 13 years is fully recover from his problems. Subhodwip initially suffering from tonsil,breathing problem and also nasal sound. After microsergary operation in throat and nose both Subhodwip is fully recover from his problem.Thank You DR. Dipankar Dutta for your nobel help.

Thanks a Lot,
Subhodwip Das’s Father



Patient 2

Dear Dr Datta,
I write this mail to thank you from the bottom of my heart for restoring my “good night’s sleep”. In fact, I was suffering from obstructive nasal congestion since long and was addicted to Otrivin and similar nasal sprays for the last 4 years or so. I could not sleep a single night or for that matter even during the occasional Sunday afternoons, without the spray. In fact, I needed the spray at least twice during the winter days. This was not only taking a toll on my quality of sleep but was also causing me mental stress. To make matters worse, my snoring became louder and louder and my wife suffered the most. Worse still were the bouts of breathlessness during sleep which were almost nightmarish. I was totally unaware about the complications of sleep apnoea and related risks till I consulted you.

After my surgery, I am now able to breathe freely through my nose and am able to sleep without the spray – something which seemed impossible to me till a couple of months ago. My snoring has also reduced significantly and hopefully I will never ever experience my bout of sleep apnoea.

Thanking you once again,

Warm Regards,

Sudipta Chatterjee



Patient 3

Dear Dr Dipankar Datta,
Hope you are fine. Long time I could not contact Is it so? Hope you have already created your Web I was waiting for the completion of one year of the operation (28th MAY) of my son to give you feed back. But since in between I am visiting Kolkata on Friday (24.05.13) I giving the feed back.

My son, Dipan Bag, 14 years old, was suffering from pharyngeal tonsil and having lot of snoring problems. I consulted Dr Dipankar Dutta, who diagnosed properly and advised operation. After adenoidectomy operation by Coablator method his problem were solved and he is now completely cured.

His earlier problems:-

    ·         difficulty in breathing, snoring sound when breathing, breathing only through mouth
    ·         loud  snores during sleep
    ·         excessive release of mucus
    ·         frequent throat infections


    ·         nose pipe infected with mucus and adenoid(pharyngeal tonsil)

Steps taken:-
·         Adenoidectomy operation(adenoid tonsil removed)
After rehabilitation:-

    ·         no further problems which are listed earlier
    ·         able to breathe normally
    ·         sleep without snoring
    ·         no more frequent throat infections
    ·         no mucus problem

If you need any further information please feel free to contact me.

Since I am visiting Kolkata I would like to meet you at Jibak, Barackpore on Saturday so that you can check my son.

Rest is OK.

Dr Bidhan Chandra Bag



Patient 4
Dear  Dr. Dutta,
With great satisfaction, I am writing this letter. When we met with you for my son, Sk. Asir Ali, he was seriously suffering from sleeping problem as well as breathing  problem due to enlarged Adenoid. We heard about the doctors who make patients confident, and I found you as a self confident doctor whose confidence spreads among the parents as well as our child(patient). We never forget the day of the operation, more than an hour in front of operation theatre with asir prepared for operation, asir’s serious objection about your lunch and your reaction……. to convince him like an adult……. and somewhere my son  felt fatherlike treatment not like a doctor.
Now my son is totally fit and doing all his regular unusual acts, just like previous days………. And of course he is sleeping and breathing normally like other boys.
Thank you Sir, Thank you once again.
Sincerely Yours,
Sk. Asif Ali,
Father of Sk. Asir Ali (Patient)